Grandes hits dos anos 70,80,90 e atuais!


I´m the creator of the “Vida Paulista Radio”,  it means in English “Life of Paulistanos” – Paulistanos are the people who live in São Paulo city.

I´m a lover of flashback music, so I try to put on the selection of the greatest hits of the 80´s, 90´s and 2000´s, and a little bit of modern songs as well.

I can´t see my life without music playing, just like in a Hollywood movie! In the sad moments, I usually listen to a sad song and cry. In the happy moments, I love  to dance with a lively song.  In the romantic moments, I have the custom to make a declaration with sentimental lyrics. Vida Paulista Radio is a way to honor music and to be grateful for your existence.

Beyond that, I´m a fan of São Paulo city, because it´s always offering great opportunities of living different experiences, cultures, music stylses and entertainment . A lot of people used to came here for professional reasons as well. Therefore I named it that way!

I hope you will enjoy it, and please feel free to ask for your favorite song anytime, filling in the formulary in the website, or sendin an email at contato@radiovidapaulista. com

Thanks, kisses and hugs,

Karen Thiemi

Rádio Vida Paulista
Porque ser paulista, é ser tudo! :) 


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